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Pacific Sounds on Sunday (PACSOS) with Va, LISTIC


PACSOS (Pacific Sounds on Sunday) supports Pacific - emerging & established talent, initiatives and events. We hold live discussion forums to raise awareness of issues that impact the Pacific community and provide information for the wider global audience to support and connect with Pacific events.

In hope that our younger generation will create either new or reconnect relationships with our Pacific elders and Cultural leaders.  We air signigficant chants from the Pacific that have been verbally pasted on from generation to generation. These chants and songs we're linked to dances, some are still performed to date. To reinforce Pacific Cultural song and dance we have dedicated the first 15mins of our segment to Tradional Pacific Music.

 Folllowing is 20mins of Golden Oldies or Ol Skool sounds , where we air music from Established Pacific Artists of the 70's - 90's & early 2000's. 

Before finalling wrapping up the program with newly fly tracks to rock the airwaves from Emerging Pacific Artists around the world.






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