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Puha and Pork Bones 93.7FM with Kimberly and Cini!

What do you get when you cross a Maori and a Samoan?

Great Kiwi Vibes is what! And of course, the Puha and Pork Bones Radio Show

World famous in Redfern, Sydney and all around the globe, the Puha & Pork Bones Radio Show brings you a weekly two hour burst of all things kiwi to the wider indigenous and non-indigenous communities of Sydney and the rest of Australia. Check them out for the latest music and news from Aotearoa (NZ). They'll even throw in a language lesson or two. Choice Bro!

Tune in EVERY Thursday night from 6pm (EST) for your weekly feed of all things kiwi with regular hosts the Samoan Princess, Kimberly and Sista Cini.

They’ve even got weekly guest presenters ..... you can catch Wazapedia in UNDERCOVER WITH WAZZ, OUTSIDE THE BOX with Mz Liza, MAD SCIENTIST with DJ Matt Baker, EVELEIGH STREET with DJ GOANNA, and you will dig the irie vibes with DUCHESS O and her CLASSIC CUTS!

Tune in EVERY Thursday night from 6pm! 

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Live Shows:

Instagram: @puhaandporkbonesradioshow

Twitter: @puhaandporkbone

Puha and Pork Bones Radio Show 93.7FM Koori Radio!

"Too Live and Too Hori"

Winners of Community Broadcasting Association of Australia's Excellence in Music Presenting 2020, Winners of the Koori Radio Broadcasters Favourite Program Awards 2018, Nominee's for Excellence in Cultural Indigenous Excellence CBAA Awards 2017 and Winner's for the Best Program Awards 2016.

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